Linking words

A. Look at these groups of two sentences:
- I play tennis. The weather is nice.
- He is playing tennis. The weather is bad.
- I clean my teeth. I go to bed.
- I am very fit. I run every day.
In each case we can join them together using a linking word
(conjunction). For example, we could say:
- I play tennis when the weather is nice.
- He is playing tennis although the weather is bad.
- I clean my teeth before I go to bed.
- I'm very fit because I run everyday.
Here are some of the most important linking words:
and  but  when  while  or  so  because  although
until  if  unless  after  before
Use one of these words to join the following pairs of sentences. The new sentence must make sense!
1. I like coffee. I don't like tea.
2. He had to have a lot of fillings. He never cleans his
3. Do you homework. You will get a detention.
4. I will buy a new skateboard. I win a lot of money.
5. My friend has two brothers. He has three sisters.
6. You must wait here. I come back.
7. It's a good idea to get undressed. You get in the bath.
8. The telephone rang. I was having a shower.
9. He studies hard for tests. He always gets good grades.
10. His parents were pleased with him. He brought home a bad
report card.
11. We will have a picnic tomorrow. The weather is bad.
12. She went to bed. She had done her homework.
13. She jumped out of bed. Someone knocked on the window.
B. To make our writing more interesting, we can start sentences with some of these joining words (conjunctions). For example we can say:
- Although the weather is bad, he is playing tennis.
- Before I get out of bed, I listen to my radio for ten minutes.

C. Write sentences 2, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13 again underneath with the joining word at the beginning. Number 2 has been done as an example.

D. Erase the dots in the following sentences and write in a sensible conjunction.
1. He couldn't do the answer ........ he asked his teacher.
2. .......... you ask the teacher for help, you must try to do it
3. You will get a detention .......... you do your homework.
4. ......... I get some money for my birthday I will buy a new
5. Wait .......... the rain stops or you will get wet.
6. Some clever people can do their homework ............
watching television at the same time.
7. Give me some money ........ I will hit you with a fish!
8. .......... you didn't give me a birthday present I'm not
going to give you a Christmas present!
9. .......... you have finished number 10, do number 13.
10. ......... I don't like big cities, I spent my last holiday in
New York.