Indirect speech

Rewrite the sentences below in indirect speech.
EXAMPLE: "I'm not going to help you" Answer: He refused to help me.
1. "Sorry I'm so late!"
She apologized
2. "You're the person who stole the video, aren't you?"
He accused me
3. "Please, please don't tell the teacher!"
He begged me
4. "No, it wasn't me who broke your walkman."
She denied
5. "Would you like to come to my party?"
She invited me
6. "Sit down and be quiet!"
He ordered me
^ 7. "Why don't you have a holiday?
He suggested
8.  "I'll lend you the money."
He offered
9.  "Yes, it was me who broke the window."
He admitted
10.  "You should stop smoking!"
The doctor advised me
11.  "Don't forget to buy flowers on your way home."
She reminded
12.  "I'll kill you if you tell the teacher."
He threatened
13.  "Don't play with matches!"
She warned us
14.  "Ok, so we'll meet at sevn o'clock.
We arranged
15.  "Can you help me please?"
He requested/asked me
16.  "The weather's always so bad in Germany."
She complained
17.  "Thanks for inviting me. I'll be glad to come."
She accepted
18.  "You must not open that box!"
She forbade me
19.  "You may close the window if you want."
He permitted (allowed) me
20.  "Your father looks like a cow!"
He insulted