Sentence building

A sentence is a group of words that tells a complete thought. A sentence can be a statement or a question. Here are some statements:

- I hate Mondays.
- She forgot to do her homework.
- Girls are cleverer than boys!

A. Add to the following groups of words to make them statements. Don't forget to check punctuation and capitalization after adding your words. You can put the words at the beginning, middle or end of your sentence.
1.   the cafeteria
2.   eats glass
3.   homework
4.   jumped out of the window
5.   is disgusting
6.   the angry teacher
7.   noisy students
8.   was late for class
9.   ran after me
10.   the school bus
11.   she never
12.   once a week
B. Now add more words to make each sentence above longer.

For example:
- I really hate wet Mondays in November.
- She forgot to do her homework for the third time in a week.
- Some girls are cleverer than some boys some of the time!