Sentence building

A sentence is a number of words which give us a full and complete
idea. A sentence can be short, eg.
The girl is reading.
or long, eg.
The beautiful girl with the long black hair is reading a
book about insects which she borrowed from the library
yesterday during her lunch break.
But the important thing to remember is that a sentence must be a
complete and full idea.
'Is reading'
is not a proper sentence because it doesn't tell us who is
'The beautiful girl with the long black hair is'
is not a full sentence because it doesn't say what she is doing.
A. Now look at numbers 1 to 15 below and decide whether they are full sentences or not. Write "yes" at the end if you think they are, and "no" if you think they aren't. When your answers have been checked, write some extra words to make your "no" answers into full sentences. You can write these extra words at the beginning or end. Make sure you punctuate correctly.

Example: The monkey was eating a banana. YES

My brother likes. NO

Correction: My brother likes going swimming.
1. All the people in the room.
2. I hate my teacher because he.
3. Plays football every Saturday.
4. She likes school.
5. After breakfast on Sunday.
6. When it rains.
7. I don't drink milk.
8. Because I had a toothache.
9. It's fun to ski.
10. Do you know why he?
11. It's going to rain.
12. Who are you going?
13. Can you help me with.
14. Is looking at you.
15. If I get a detention.
16. Because he got an A in his last test.
17. To buy a book.
18. This is the last question.
B. Remember - Finish each uncompleted sentence above!