Direct speech

Using dialogue (conversation) makes your writing more interesting.

A. Complete the following sentences with the person's actual words. Begin the sentence with a capital letter and end with a period. Put speech marks ("..") round the sentence you write. The first one is done for you.
1. The teacher said, "There will be a word test tomorrow."
2. The girl said,
3. Ms Hadley said,
4. The stupid boy said,
5. The lazy student said,
B. In the next sentences write a question the person asks. Make sure you punctuate properly - the first one is done for you.
1. The teacher asked, "Have you done your homework?"
2. The principal asked,
3. The school nurse asked,
4. The secretary asked,
5. The clever girl asked,
C. Complete the sentences below with an exclamation. (An exclamation is a short sentence with a strong emotion like surprise, fear or anger). Remember to punctuate with exclamation and speech marks.
1. Mr Shoebottom yelled, "Stop that at once!"
2. The policeman yelled,
3. My father yelled,
4. The bus driver yelled,
5. The angry girl yelled,