Wrong pronouns

The following text has many wrong pronouns, (words like: he, it, we, us, them etc.) Can you find the wrong pronouns and correct them? Use CAPITAL letters.

Example: He is a cat in the garden.
THERE is a cat in the garden.
She was a beautiful summer; I wasn't a cloud in the sky.
Peter was happy, because school had finished and it had no
more tests. Now we needed to find a job. He wanted to be a
writer and work for a newspaper, but first she wanted to have
a rest.
There was hot in the house; he was no wind.
"They'll go for a walk,' said Peter to ourselves. "She'll go
down to the river."
While I was walking by the river we suddenly saw a beautiful
girl. He had long blond hair and big dark eyes. It was
standing on the river bank looking into the water. Peter went
up to him and started to speak, but they just looked at us
and shouted: "Stay away from it or he'll scream!"