Short writing activities for beginners

This section of the ESL site contains many exercises for beginning learners to practice various types of writing or writing task.

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BLUE01 Answer some simple questions
BLUE02 Correct some simple sentences
BLUE03 Unscramble some simple sentences
BLUE04 Correct a text 1
BLUE05 Correct a text 2
BLUE06 Separate the words in a text about morning routine
BLUE07 Insert the missing words in a text
BLUE08 Correct wrong sentences
BLUE09 Write about yourself
BLUE10 Right or wrong sentences for correction
BLUE11 Correct a holiday text
BLUE12 Separate the words in a text about holidays

GREEN01 Making words from long words
GREEN02 Analogies
GREEN03 Questions and short answers
GREEN04 Rhyming words
GREEN05 Words with double letters 1
GREEN06 Words with double letters 2
GREEN07 Finish a story without a middle
GREEN08 Write a book review
GREEN09 Correct spelling (one letter too many)
GREEN10 Write questions to fit answers
GREEN11 Fill in words - Monkey's Foot
GREEN12 Correct spelling mistakes (missing letters)

PINK01 Anagrams
PINK02 Fill in the words - A night to remember!
PINK03 Apostrophes (1)
PINK04 Apostrophes (2)
PINK05 Word association
PINK06 Separate the words in a text about a thief
PINK07 Separate the words in a text about a birdman
PINK08 Who or which?
PINK09 Fill in the missing words at the end of a sentence
PINK10 Revolting recipes - creative writing
PINK11 Proofreading sentences
PINK12 Correct illogical sentences

RED01 Twelve questions game
RED02 Advertisements - creative writing
RED03 Identifying sentences
RED04 Creative writing - horror fiction!
RED05 Write silly sentences
RED06 Homophones (same-sounding words)
RED07 Tongue twisters
RED08 Find hidden words
RED09 Crazy texts
RED10 Whose?
RED11 Punctuate into sentences - Final escape
RED12 Newspaper proofreading

WHITE01 Creative writing - silly sentences
WHITE02 Tense practice (present simple or present perfect)
WHITE03 Correct tense mistakes
WHITE04 More tense practice
WHITE05 Logical or illogical?
WHITE06 Write the missing word in a sentence
WHITE07 Find the one word too many
WHITE08 Make up nonsense words
WHITE09 Make words from letters
WHITE10 Put a story into a consistent tense
WHITE11 Find the extra words in a text
WHITE12 Change cat to dog

YELLOW01 Make more interesting sentences
YELLOW02 Linking words
YELLOW03 Change John to Jane
YELLOW04 Indirect speech
YELLOW05 Sentence building
YELLOW06 Finish sentences (the thing I like most ..)
YELLOW07 More sentence building
YELLOW08 Direct speech
YELLOW09 Correction of sports stories
YELLOW10 Creative writing - wanted poster
YELLOW11 Correct the wrong pronouns
YELLOW12 Correct the wrong prepositions
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