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Writing a journal

A very good way to improve your English and succeed in your subject classes is to write a reflective journal once or twice a week. A reflective journal is one in which you write your thoughts on different aspects of learning English or other subjects. For example you could write about the following things:

You could also write about general things such as:

In fact you can write about anything at all, and as much as or as little as you want. Journal writing is not graded, so you donít have to worry about spelling or grammar. Your teacher will just write a response to what you have written. In fact, writing in a journal is a really good opportunity for you to take risks with your language and try to extend yourself.

If you think your writing is interesting enough to share with other readers, you could write a web journal, also known as a blog. Ask your teacher if you need more information about what a blog is and how to set one up.

Writing a regular journal (or blog!) is a successful and enjoyable way to get better in English quickly. Have fun!!

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