ESL workshop - Helping ESL students achieve academic success

Aims and goals
The primary aim of the ESL department is to assist ESL students in achieving their maximum academic potential. ESL teachers, parents, administrators and, of course, the students themselves have key roles in this endeavour. In many respects, however, the most significant contribution is made by the mainstream teachers, since the mainstream class is where students are for the majority of their school day and where they learn the subject content.

These workshops have been designed, therefore, to give essential advice and information to mainstream teachers in their efforts to get the best out of the ESL students in their classes. The workshop has major 3 goals. At the end of the eight units, the participants will:

  • have an understanding of the Upper School ESL program at FIS, including ESL support services
  • know what students in the different ESL levels can be expected to do, and what will be linguistically and culturally difficult for them 
  • have an understanding of the various adaptations that make content more accessible to ESL students - without preparing separate lessons or reducing cognitive demands

Workshop presentations
These webpages contain the slides that are used in presenting the ESL workshop units.

External resources on teaching ESL students

Note: Some of the content of these workshop sessions is also covered in videos made for FIS students participating in the teaching of ESL students in the Kalahari - in particular, difficulties of the English language and issues concerning comprehensibility.

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