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The Kalahari Experience

Information for supervising teachers

I have made a series of videos containing information and advice for student participants in the Kalahari Experience. Students are recommended to view these videos in the order listed in the last one or two weeks before flying out to the Kalahari.

The videos can be viewed alone, but there are one or two places where it would be desirable if two or more students could discuss and practice together. For this reason, you may wish to show the videos to the whole group and pause at opportune moments.

While the videos have been made with a primary focus on the learning needs of student participants, most of the information and advice is relevant for teacher participants too - particularly those who have had no exposure to the main issues concerning the instruction of second language learners.

Elsewhere on this site there is a series of workshop slides that were created expressly for mainstream teachers of ESL students. These slides go into more depth on the various issues, and cover additional topics such as how to create comprehensible instructional materials and how to assess the difficulty of classroom and homework tasks.

You might find it useful to review these workshop slides before supervising student participants in their various preparatory activities.

Frankfurt International School: Art and artists. (Click to see at full size.)