The Smartboard in Visual Scaffolding

The blue text in following notebook pages contains suggestions for teachers in how to use the page on the Smartboard. The text itself does not appear in the Notebook presentation page.

Note: Some of the Notebook pages did not export very successfully to the .pdf format used for the web pages in this index and do not look how they would appear on the Smartboard.

Flip-flops Using Google pictures as an aid to comprehension
Daily bulletin Highlighting salient information.
Design technology Key vocabulary for the lesson: picture/word association.
French revolution Match dates and events. Zoom pictures to point out salient aspects.
ESL sentence correction Using the screen curtain to reveal answers one-by-one.
Video links When exported to .pdf this notebook will allow students to open the file at home and go directly to the linked pages.
ESL fish story An example of dragging elements into their correct sequence.
Vertebrate quiz Using Notebook page links to make a multiple choice quiz. (The quiz does not work properly in this .pdf version.)
Digestion 1 Drag the words to the correct part of the picture. Fill an empty picture template with organs in their correct places.
Digestion 2 Drag the words to fill the correct gap in a summary text.
Digestion 3 Predict the word to fill the next gap in a summary text. An example of a cloned sequence.
Hare and lynx Using cloned pages to get students to predict the course of a line graph.
Structure of the tooth Drag the words to the correct part of the picture. Match word with definition or function.
Gravity - falling apple An example of cloning to produce a Powerpoint slide show from a sequence of Notebook pages.

The following links are direct to the flash files that were the sole content of the corresponding Notebook page. (Not ready yet ...)