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How to put a link to Google Images on the desktop.

How to build up a Smartboard image collection.

How to capture a single image from a video.

How to get the translation of a single English word.

How to link to internet pages.

How to clone pages.

How to make a slide show in Powerpoint from cloned pages.

How to make a multiple-choice quiz.



How to put a link to Google Images on the desktop


  1. Right-click with the mouse somewhere on the desktop
  2. Select New > Shortcut.
  3. Type in
  4. Click Next.
  5. Type a name for the link, e.g. GoogleImages.
  6. Click Finish.


(Warning: Be prepared to click away quickly!)



How to build up a Smartboard image collection


A.        Make folders for the different image categories you will want to use.

1.      Open a Notebook page.

2.      Click the right Gallery tab.

3.      Click My Content > Add New Folder

4.      Write the name of your new folder.


B.        Import your images into the Gallery (from graphics files already on your computer)

5.      Click the Gallery tab.

6.      Click the plus (+) symbol to the left of My Content.

7.      Click on the folder you want to add the image to.

8.      Click the down arrow and then Add to my content.     

9.      Navigate to the folder that contains the image you want to add.

10.  Click the image file.


C.        Use Notebook Screen Capture to directly add images to My content.


1.                  Open a new Notebook file.

2.                  Click the camera to open the small Screen Capture window.

3.                  Make sure that Capture to new page is not checked.

4.                  Using Internet Explorer find the image you want to use.

5.                  Click the left camera in the Capture window.

6.                  Drag the mouse to draw a rectangle around the part of the image you want.

7.                  Release the mouse and wait.

8.                  Click back into the Notebook page.

9.                   - Your image will appear in the top left corner.

10.              Drag the image into the appropriate folder in My Content.



Note:    Save images to a folder on your network drive if you will want to manipulate them later in a graphics program, otherwise using Screen capture is quicker and easier.



How to capture a single image from a video


1.      Click on the camera to open the Screen Capture Toolbar.

2.      Make sure Capture to New Page is clicked.

3.      Start video, then pause it at the desired frame.

4.      Click the left Screen Capture icon.

5.      Draw a box around the desired part of the frame.

6.      Release the mouse (or your finger).

7.      Amend/annotate the page as required.


- Return to video, and repeat the above as required.



How to get the translation of a single English word


1.      Open Google.

2.      Click on Sprachtools/Language Tools.

3.      In the Übersetzen/Translate box type the word you want translated.

4.      Click in the drop-down list to find the mode (e.g. English nach Japanisch).

5.      Click Übersetzen/Translate.

-         The word will appear to the right of the box.

6.      Highlight the word/characters.

7.      Press Control-C.

8.      Return to the Notebook page and press Control-V.

-         The word/characters will appear on the page.   



Important: Have a competent native speaker confirm the translations of the words.






How to link to internet pages


  1. Open your notebook page.
  2. Click to start Internet Explorer and navigate to the page you want to link to.
  3. Click in the address bar to highlight the link.
  4. Click Control-C.
  5. Return to the notebook page and click Insert > Link.
  6. Make sure Web page is activated and click Control-V to copy the URL into the address box.
  7. – The URL will appear in your Notebook page with a small clickable icon.




How to clone pages


  1. Complete your starting page.
  2. In Page Sorter click inside the starting page with the right mouse button.
  3. Click Clone Page.
  4. Make the desired changes to the cloned page and then repeat the previous two steps.



How to make a slide show in Powerpoint from cloned pages


  1. Finish your Notebook file and save it.
  2. Click File > Export > PowerPoint.
  3. Open the file in PowerPoint.
  4. Change the settings to make the individual pages show at the desired intervals.



How to make a multiple-choice quiz


  1. Create the question page and the desired number of feedback pages.
  2. Rename these pages appropriately;  e.g. question1,right1Frog,wrong1Bat,wrong1Fish,wrong1Worm.
  3. Make the question page.
  4. Click the page element to be linked (word, picture, etc.).
  5. Click Insert > Link in the upper menu bar.
  6. Click on Page in this file.
  7. Click on the name of the page you want to link to.
  8.  - A small clickable box will appear bottom left of the linked element.
  9. Open the feedback pages to complete them.
  10. In the wrong answer pages insert a link back to the question page.
  11.  - If desired,  include (a link to) the next question in the correct answer page, and repeat as above.