Participant feedback on ESL workshop usefulness

Please provide feedback below on the sessions you attended. You can remind yourself of the content of the sessions by clicking the link.

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Workshop 1:    Overview of Upper School ESL                                      

Workshop 2:    Key issues concerning ESL students in mainstream classes 

Workshop 3:    Creating an ESL-friendly classroom                                   

Workshop 4:    Language learning: what mainstream teachers should know  

Workshop 5:    Making spoken language comprehensible                           

Workshop 6:    Making written texts comprehensible                                   

Workshop 7:    Writing ESL-friendly worksheets and tests                           

Workshop 8:    Helping ESL students with writing / Final  review                  

The 8 workshop sessions were planned to be around 40-50 minutes each. Was this about right or
would you have preferred fewer, but longer sessions?                              

The 8 workshop sessions were spread out through the school year. Was this right or would you have
preferred the sessions to have been closer together?                               

What was the most important information/advice you received?

Was there any information/advice that could have been omitted?

Was there any information/advice that you would like to have received but didn't?

Is there anything you think the ESL students in your classes should know or do?

Is there any information/advice that you would like administrators to know?

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