Video Transcript 12

Ok, let me summarize what you have learned during these several videos. But before I do so, please note that the web page embedding the videos contains links to much more detailed explanations of the various issues we have covered. There is also a link to several pages of interesting comments from former FIS participants in the Kalahari Experience. I'm sure you will find some of their insights very valuable. And finally, if you have a question about anything you have heard in this video course, please send it to me by email. Your FIS supervisor can pass my email address on to you.

Ok, so what have you learned from these videos? Well, firstly, you have learned two important aspects of the English language that make it difficult for Kalahari students, namely the frequent mismatch between spelling and pronunciation, and the various types of difficult vocabulary such as idioms, phrasal verbs and general academic vocabulary.

And secondly, you have learned something about teaching ESL students, particularly the central importance of questions and how to ask them, and then the various ways to make spoken and written language comprehensible.

If you put some of this advice into practice, while at the same time demonstrating the personal qualities of patience, empathy and cheerfulness, then you can play your part in improving the Kalahari students' chances of academic success and pursuing the career of their hopes and dreams. Not only that, you yourself will enjoy and benefit from your challenging role as their teacher.

So the only thing now left for me to say is: Good luck and have fun!