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Upper School ESL Workshop: Unit 1 Slide 8 of 12
Presenter: Paul Shoebottom

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ESL students - range of English language proficiency (on entry to the ESL class)

ESL1 / Intermediate

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  • No prior English at all. No experience in writing cursive.
  • Some basic vocabulary, but a very limited ability to make meaning clear in written and spoken English. Little control of basic verb grammar.
  • Greater English proficiency but inability to comprehend grade-level mainstream texts without considerable support.


ESL2 / Advanced / Transitional

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  • Ability to communicate effectively in written and spoken English, but little knowledge of advanced grammar. Some comprehension of grade-level mainstream texts. Undeveloped academic vocabulary.
  • Good standards of language fluency and accuracy. Ability to comprehend most of grade-level texts, but deficiencies in advanced grammar and academic vocabulary.

The writing samples   icon   examined by workshop participants were provided by students as part of their placement test. Copies are available on request from Paul Shoebottom.