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Upper School ESL Workshop: Unit 2 Slide 8 of 8
Presenter: Paul Shoebottom

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The participant discussions of the key workshop issues clearly showed that mainstream teachers confront a very wide range of issues pertaining to the presence of ESL students in their classes. For this reason the advice and suggestions made by the presenter in the workshop session and summarized in these slides (e.g. on the correction of English or the tolerance of the mother tongue) should not be regarded as uniformly applicable. There is no set of definitive answers that will cover every classroom situation in every subject. It is hoped, however, that workshop participants will now be in a position to make informed decisions on these issues.

Furthermore, the issues raised during this unit cover only the most important of those pertaining to ESL students in the mainstream classroom. Consult the Teachers' FAQ page on the ESL website for discussions of other classroom questions, such as Should I encourage dictionary use in my class? and Should I call on ESL students in my lessons?

It is important to stress that most of the recommendations for facilitating the learning of ESL students also applies to the other students too. See the summary information on the topic of the Brain and Learning written by FIS participants in the 2006 conference in Boston on this issue.