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Upper School ESL Workshop: Unit 3 Slide 8 of 8
Presenter: Paul Shoebottom

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A question came up as to how much time to devote in class to ensuring that ESL students understand the task, concept, new information, instructions, etc.

There is no easy answer to this, but basically mainstream teachers should neither water down the cognitive demands of the tasks they expect their ESL students to do, nor slow down in order to make sure every ESL student is "on board". If they do this they risk not covering the syllabus.

The suggestions made in this workshop can be used in good conscience by mainstream teachers because they are, for the most part, beneficial to native-speakers too, and neither reduce cognitive demands nor brake syllabus delivery. ESL students whose English is not yet strong enough to benefit even from these accommodations can be helped in the mainstream class and in ESL class by an ESL teacher.

Please contact the child's ESL teacher to take advantage of this extra support for our ESL beginners.