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SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review)

Step 1 : Survey what you are about to read.
. Think about the title: What do you know about this subject? What do you want to know?
. Glance over headings or skim the first sentences of paragraphs. . Look at illustrations and graphic aids.
. Read the first paragraph.
. Read the last paragraph or summary.
Step 2: Question.
. Turn the title into a question. Answering this question becomes the major purpose for your reading.
. Write down any questions that come to mind during the survey.
. Turn headings into questions.
. Turn subheadings, illustrations, and graphic aids into questions. . Write down unfamiliar vocabulary and determine the meaning.
Step 3: Read actively.
. Read to search for answers to questions.
. Respond to questions and use the context clues for unfamiliar words.
. React to unclear passages, confusing terms, and questionable statements by generating additional questions.
Step 4: Recite.
. Look away from the answers and the book to recall what was read.
. Recite answers to questions aloud or in writing.
. Reread text for unanswered questions.
Step 5: Review.
. Answer the major purpose questions.
. Look over answers and all parts of the chapter to organize information.
. Summarize the information learned by creating a graphic organizer that depicts the main ideas, drawing a flowchart, writing a summary, participating in a group discussion, or writing an explanation of how the material has changed your perceptions or applies to your life.


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