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Texts that could be made a little more ESL friendly


Do you think that History is an important subject for young people to study?
Make sure you justify your answer with sound logical arguments.


1. Ranjeep bowls 7 overs of googlies, including 2 maidens, in which he takes 3 wickets and no-balls 5 times.  What is his ratio of wickets to good balls?

 2. Beau had 6 RBIís in Fridayís game. He had twice as many in Mondayís game. Which number sentence shows the number of RBIís he had in Mondayís game?   A. 6 + 2 = ?      B. 6 Ė 2 = ?      C. 6 * 2 = ?      D. 6 / 2 = ?

3. The ratio of trys converted to trys scored by two rugby teams, A and B, are respectively, 18: 5 and 15: 4. By changing each ratio to the form m : 1, say which team has the better goal kicker. Explain.

4. The 12 office staff at The Tannery won a prize of 34 859 pounds on the pools. This prize was to be divided equally between the 12 people. How should they share this prize? Discuss.

5. For every 100 pamphlets Wasim delivers he gets £4.50. Altogether last month he earned £72. How many pamphlets did he deliver?

Random selection of names from the word problems in the Mathematics 8+ textbook:  

Praiwan, Milissa, Janna, Nishi, Deepak, Carlota, Tristram, Didier, Sharyn, Kareema, Renee, Nia,  Rajshree