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Imagine that you have been asked to help computerize the system for
ordering cups for your school's drinks machine, which sells coffee,
tea, soup and chocolate.

This is how the system is to operate:

The drinks machine is checked at the end of each school day. If
there are less than 30 cups of any drink, more cups are added.
The school office is then informed how many drinks of each kind
were sold that day. When there are only two boxes of cups left,
the drinks machine company is contacted and asked to send more
1. The maximum number of cups that the machine can hold for each
drink is 60.
2. The cups come in boxes of 300. Each box contains only one type
of drink.
3. The school can store a maximum of 5 boxes of each drink.
4. An order is sent to the drinks company whenever the number of
boxes of any type of drink falls below 2.

(a) Draw the flowchart for a program which would issue the order
for new boxes of cups when they are needed.
(b) Design a form that is filled in by the person who checks the
machine each day.