Mainstream teachers

The pages on this part of the website contain information and advice for mainstream teachers (of science, mathematics, geography, etc.) who have ESL students in their classes.

ESL students in the mainstream classroom
icon The most important advice
icon More advice about teaching ESL students
icon Classroom guidelines
icon Helping students understand what you say
icon Helping students understand written texts
icon Assessing ESL students in the subject classroom
icon Preparing ESL-friendly worksheets and tests
icon ESL students and plagiarism
icon ESL students and culture/school shock
icon Feedback from ESL students
icon The work of Stephen Krashen

Curricular issues
icon Generic advice
icon What the English teacher needs to know
icon What the humanities teacher needs to know
icon What the mathematics teacher needs to know
icon What the science teacher needs to know
Language issues
icon FAQ about language learning
icon Second language acquisition - essential information
icon Factors that influence the acquisition of a second language
icon Language teaching methodologies
icon Language words for non-language teachers
icon Cross-linguistic errors
icon Understanding mistakes in written language
icon What teachers should know about cohesion
icon What teachers should know about English vocabulary
icon Is English an easy language? (Grammar site)
icon Language differences (Grammar site)
icon The importance of the mother tongue (Parents site)
icon More information about language learning (Parents site)


icon Selected ESL bibliography
icon Advice to parents of ESL students (Parents site)
icon Advice to ESL students (Learners site)