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FIS bibliography

Below is a selected bibliography of the articles and books on ESL matters that are kept in room (289) or the library, together with a brief summary of their contents. The books listed are those which are of special relevance to mainstream teachers of ESL students. Please let me know if you wish to borrow a book or have a copy of one of the articles. I have not included in the listing any of the numerous books and articles that the ESL department or the library has for language teachers; but I shall be happy to let you have a bibliography of all these items if you wish to see what is available.

Communicating effectively in writing with non-native speakers of English

Shoebottom, P 1997 - room 262

How to assess the difficulty of written texts, and how to avoid such problems in selwritten worksheets and tests.


Cooperative Learning: Instructing Limited-English-Proficient Students in Heterogeneous Classes

Jacob, E and Mattson, B - room 262

Suggestions for grouping of ESL students in mainstream classes.


Cultural Differences between the East and the West

Coreen Sears 1987 - room 262

T his is a one page summary of the major differences between Eastern and Western cultures.


Cultural awareness

Tomalin, B 1993 - room 262

Contains many suggested activities for raising the cultural awareness of all the students in your classes.


 ESL through Content-Area Instruction

Crandall, J 1987 - room 262

Contains a chapter each on the teaching of language through maths, science and humanities.


ESL: A Handbook for Teachers and Administrators in International Schools

Murphy, E 1991 - room 262

General overview of all issues relating to International Schools.


Grouping strategies for second language learners

Johnson, D - room 262

Theoretical information and practical advice on how to group students for maximum language acquisition.


Helping ESL students to understand more of what you say

Shoebottom, P 1997 - room 262

Advice on how to ensure that spoken language is comprehensible to ESL students.


 J. Cummins presentation to ESL faculty - VidEO

1996 - room 262

The video contains the full presentation made to faculty by J. Cummins during his visit to FIS. Contains a wealth of useful information on the integration of la


J. Cummins Visit to FIS  7/11/96 - room 262

Shoebottom, P 1996 - room 262

Summary of the important theories of Cummins and their implications for FIS teachers.


Language Minority Students in the Mainstream Classroom

Carrasquillo, A & Rodrigu 1996 - room 262

The best full book overview of issues pertaining to ESL students in the mainstream. Contains chapters of special interest to science, math and humanities teacher.


Languages and Cultures in English-based International Schools

Meakin, S 1986 - room 262

Summary of the differences between foreign languages and English. Also contains some general cultural information.


 Mathematics as a Language

Usiskin, Z 1996 - room 262

General thoughts on maths as a language.


Second Language use within the non-traditional classroom: Computers, cooperative learning

DeVillar, R 1990 - room 262

Good advice on cooperative groupings for maximum language learning, in particular groupings at the computer.


Special education needs of second language students

Cloud, N - room 262

How to identify ESL students with special extra needs and how to help them.


Strategies and techniques for integrating language and content instruction

- room 262

Some useful general advice on supporting and assessing ESL students in mainstream classes.


Supporting Children's Language English Development in Grade-Level and Language Classroom

Enright, D - room 262

Very useful overview of the issues facing the mainstream teacher with ESL students in the class. Contains checklist of advice on how to handle ESL students.


 Teaching content through a second language

Met, M - room 262

General advice on structuring content classrooms to maximize language acquisition.


Teaching science to language minority students

Rosenthal, J 1995 - library

Summary of issues on second language acquisition, plus the teaching of science to ESL students (mainly at high school or graduate level).


The Assessment of Bilingual Children

Robson, A 1995 - room 262

An analysis of how to determine task difficulty for ESL students.


The quiet girls

Greenwood, C 1997 - room 262

Contains cultural information about Japanese students and how to the best out of them in mainstream classes.

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