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Call for contributions

The Learners section of this website contains quiz pages that I have created to help ESL students at Frankfurt International School with their work in history, science, etc.

I would like to add to these pages so that the site can become a comprehensive resource for all students who are learning school subjects through the medium of English. For this reason, I am calling on ESL or mainstream teachers for contributions of materials. No knowledge of web programming is necessary. I will create the quiz pages based on the content that is submitted, and upload them to the school's server.

The site has many different kinds of quiz, but the simplest are the ones where a word has to be matched with its definition. For this quiz type the content must be submitted, via the body of an email, in a word # definition list. For example:

republic # a country that is governed by leaders elected by the people
province # a region of the Roman Empire, e.g. Palestine or Southern Germany
slave # a man or a woman who had to work for no money for a rich Roman
emperor # the 'king' of an empire
fort # the strong building that protected Roman soldiers from attack
civilization # a place where there are streets, buildings, water systems, etc.
legion # a group of soldiers fighting together under a general in the Roman army
gladiator # a strong slave who fought against others in theaters such as the Colosseum for the entertainment of the Roman people

Three different quiz pages will be created from the word # definition list. Following are examples of each quiz type, based on content submitted by a Drama teacher:

Select the correct definition to match the word
Select the correct word to match the definition
Write the correct word to match the definition

If you want to contribute content for more sophisticated quiz pages (including grammar quizzes), please read this information.

Many thanks in advance!

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