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ECIS-ESL conference Rome 2005

This page was prepared for mainstream teachers at Frankfurt International School in summary of the most relevant information and advice gleaned from the ECIS-ESL conference in Rome 2005.

Among the speakers at this conference were Professor J. Cummins and Professor S. Krashen, probably the two most important and influential researchers in second language acquisition. Below is a brief summary of the information that emerged from their sessions which is of relevance for mainstream (non-ESL) teachers.

[Visit the conference website and download conference handouts.]


Teachers interested in reading more about Krashen's research, including his involvement in Proposition 227, can visit Krashen's website. There is more detailed information about classroom strategies concerning ESL students in many other places on this Teachers website.


Teachers interested in reading more about Cummins' research and publications can visit his website.

Following is a random list of suggestions for mainstream teachers, culled from the other Rome conference sessions. Most of it is widely-known as good practice for the teaching of all students, not only of ESL students. However the list serves as a useful reminder:

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