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Common English academic words

On the left is an alphabetical list of 1000+ common academic words. Click a word to see a listing of its definition and example sentences containing it. (You can also browse the words by clicking a gray arrow bottom left.)

Every word in the vocabulary listing is shown as follows: Word .. translate. Clicking the word itself opens that word in theFreeDictionary for all meanings of that word. Clicking .. translate opens dictionary.com for further definitions, plus translations in the major world languages.

Note: The example sentences contain not only the word being exemplified but also other academic words from the list. Such words, which can be clicked to show their complete listing, are underlined in gray or green. [More]

To return to this starting screen at any time, press F5 or click Refresh. For more information on academic words and the selection criteria for this list, return to the index page and follow the appropriate link.