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Quiz information

The quizzes on this part of the website are all based on the 1000+ academic words that have been selected as important for highschool-age or older learners of English in second language situations.

The quizzes give learners the chance to meet and quiz themselves on the words in multiple contexts. This is important because, according to language researchers, we need to meet a word between 5-16 times† before it becomes part of our long-term memory.

The 1000+ words are organized in quizzes according to the following principles:

Many of the quizzes use an example sentence as the question prompt or to give extra information. The quizzes that are listed Group A and Group B contain concocted example sentences. Groups C and D contain authentic example sentences from Google. Group A/B sentences are generally shorter and easier than group C/D sentences. [Read the information for teachers for more details on the example sentences.]

* Words are grouped according to their frequency of occurrence in Yahoo (.edu domain). Group 1 contains more common words than group 2, etc.

† Nation, P. (1990). Teaching and Learning Vocabulary. Massachusetts. Newbury House.

Frankfurt International School: Art and artists. (Click to see at full size.)