Self-assessment quizzes

This index links to self-report quizzes on the 1000+ academic words. The quizzes are listed in order of decreasing word frequency. This means that Quiz 1 contains more common academic words than quiz 2, etc. Each quiz contains 100 words, including some that are concocted*. Each quiz should take between 10 and 20 minutes to complete.

[There are also various vocabulary quizzes for students at Frankfurt International School.]

The quizzes work as follows:

  • you are presented with a series of words
  • you need to say whether or not you know the word [or if you think the word does not exist]
  • you are then tested (multiple-choice) on the words that you said you know
  • you receive a report that lists your responses and gives you a reliability rating**

If you would like to see how the self-report quiz works, do the demonstration quiz, which contains 5 words.

* A concocted word is a word that does not exist in English, but has letter and syllable combinations that are common.

** You will receive a high relability rating if you chose the correct definitions of the words you said you knew. You will receive a low reliability rating if you choose many wrong definitions of the words you said you knew, or if you claimed to know more than one or two of the concocted words.

    Demonstration quiz

Self-report quiz 1
Self-report quiz 2
Self-report quiz 3
Self-report quiz 4
Self-report quiz 5
Self-report quiz 6
Self-report quiz 7
Self-report quiz 8
Self-report quiz 9
Self-report quiz 10
Self-report quiz 11

FIS quiz 1