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The quizzes on this website have been optimized for Internet Explorer running on a Windows PC at 800x600. Under other browser/platform combinations the quizzes may not look correct, or may not function correctly or at all. None of the quizzes will work if Javascript has been disabled. [More on this.]

A major organizational principle of the vocabulary quizzes has been to group together 20 words belonging to the same topic area, such as health or food, and to quiz them in 15 different ways. These topic quizzes are identified in the indexes under the title Word quizzes. Click for more important information on doing the topic-based quizzes. Click for an overview of all 15 topic-based quiz types or for a page-by-page preview of the 15 quizzes.

As well as the topic-based quizzes, there are numerous other word quizzes. To get an indication of the quiz type, let the mouse rest over the title in the index page.

Frankfurt International School: Art and artists. (Click to see at full size.)